Tibet Relief Fund, supporting Tibetans since 1959

Tibet Relief Fund is a charity that was founded in 1959, within months of the Dalai Lama arriving in India following his escape from Tibet. Thousands of Tibetans followed him, crossing the Himalayas on foot to begin a life in exile as refugees.Today, the need is as great as ever; many Tibetans still choose to risk their lives to escape China’s rule; inside Tibet rural communities and nomads live in grinding poverty with little or no healthcare or access to education.

Tibet Relief Fund works with Tibetans in India, Nepal and inside Tibet funding programmes to provide healthcare and education. We also promote self-sufficiency and sustainability amongst Tibetan communities, through innovative youth employment and community-building initiatives.

In addition we run a sponsorship program for nearly 1,000 children and the elderly.

UK registered charity: No. 1061834

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