CHRISTMAS APPEAL: Ex-freedom fighters of Tibet need your help


Tibet Relief Fund supports communities of Tibetan elders by sending grants for basic necessities such as food, housing and healthcare. Many of these elders became freedom fighters as young men when their country was occupied and they were forced to flee.

These men, termed ‘Lodrik’ because of the name of their guerrilla movement ‘Loe-Drik-Tsuk’, fought for Tibet’s independence and to protect their family, friends and fellow Tibetans. They devoted their lives to this struggle, fighting from a base in exile in Mustang, Nepal. Undertaking hard labour in order to eat, sometimes boiling leather shoes when food was scarce, the Lodrik freedom fighters lived a difficult life.

Now, their struggle has changed – they must support themselves and often entire families on little or no income. We need your generosity in order to support monthly stipends for the Lodrik elders. This will enable them to live with dignity and independence in their old age, and provide comfort and security after the hardship they have experienced.

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