Hot water for children at Tibetan Home Foundations

Tibet Relief Fund has been supporting Tibetan Homes Foundation since 1963. As the school has grown, the number of children has increased and the needs of the school have changed.

Newly installed solar panel
Newly installed solar panel

In autumn last year, we appealed to our supporters for donations for Tibetan Homes Foundation to install solar panels so that the children could have access to hot water over the harsh winter months.

We are pleased to say that thanks to your support, Tibetan Homes Foundation have now installed the solar panels.

The solar panels provide hot water for five ‘family homes’ (a concept for childrens living quarters, initially introduced by HH the Dalai Lama) and give approximately 200 children access to hot water.

This installation has acted as a pilot for Tibetan Homes Foundation, who are now looking to install more panels and are assessing which family homes would be most efficient in providing access for the most children.

The homes Caretaker, Tsering Wongchuk, who installed the solar panels discovered that local monkeys were initially damaging the panels by clambering on them. He has consequently built metal protectors to encase the panels.

Just last week, the Mussoorie based school saw freezing temperatures and up to three feet of snow. Dickey Wangmo, ‘House Mother’ and ex-Tibetan Homes Foundation student who cares for the children at one of the homes that benefits directly from the solar panels explains what an impact having access to hot water has had on the children:

“The hot water has boosted the hygiene practises of the children, they are both bathing and washing their hands more frequently. Coupled with having hot water with which to wash kitchen equipment – the solar panels will help prevent the spread of illness and disease”

It is with your support that we have been helping Tibetan Homes Foundation for so many years, and with your support that we hope to do so for many years to come.

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