Meditate for Tibet 2019

Meditate for Tibet 2019

Saturday 6 July, 3pm

Whether you practise meditation regularly or have never meditated before, join us for our fourth annual Meditate for Tibet!

How to join in

All you need to do is download our four brand-new Tibet-focused guided meditations, making a donation of your choice to support Tibetans. (You can also choose a CD at checkout.)

Then at 3pm on Saturday 6 July, join us and many others to meditate, wherever you are.

Get your guided meditations!

You can also buy some wonderful essentials, or purchase a full meditation kit from our Enlightened Gifts shop (including the guided meditations).

When is the 2019 event?

You can practice these sessions at any time of year, but we would like to ask you to join our mass meditation at 3pm on Saturday 6th July 2019, to connect with other people who will be meditating at the same time to focus positive energy on Tibet.

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You’ll be helping to raise vital funds for our work with Tibetans in India, Nepal and Tibet – providing essential healthcare and education and helping Tibetans to build a brighter future.

  • £5 could provide an elderly Tibetan refugee with staple foods for a month
  • £10 could provide an elderly Tibetan refugee with staple foods for two months
  • £15 could help a mother in a remote part of Tibet give birth safely
  • £20 could help a young Tibetan to go to school

Can you get a group together?

Great! You can make your event as large or small as you like. To help you with your event we’ll send you a FREE CD of the guided meditations, plus fundraising ideas and advice.

Email [email protected] to let us know and request your event pack
Download the PDF here

Are you a company? Why not run a lunchtime sponsored session for your employees? This has the double benefit of improving people’s wellbeing and your corporate social responsibility!

Set up a fundraising page quickly and easily by clicking the button below:

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Why Meditate for Tibet? 3d3d8f09-4fe6-4da1-9bdb-5dc85dae4d3b

Our aim when we launched Meditate for Tibet four years ago, was to provide a sense of people showing their solidarity for Tibetans through a peaceful event.

By meditating together we are all creating a new type of fundraising challenge. One which isn’t about the pressure you place on your physical endeavours, but where you collectively make a difference through your inner thoughts.

Our goal is to give you the opportunity to raise the level of consciousness, and spread awareness of the support you can give to Tibetan people in need.

As part of our efforts to raise awareness for the 60th year of our work with the Tibetan community, you can make this year’s meditation the most meaningful yet!

It’s time to turn this around!

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