Statement by Tibet Relief Fund CEO, Philippa Carrick

Having worked with Tibetans living in exile and inside Tibet for nearly 60 years, we have developed strong relationships with partner agencies who facilitate and deliver our projects.

In the light of the stories, we understand that some of our supporters may have concerns. Being a small charity, we do not have any direct employees working in the field, nor any representative who has the authority to distribute grants direct to any beneficiary.

We take safeguarding extremely seriously and have worked with our partner agencies to put in place practical and effective policies and guidelines to ensure our programmes are delivered with respect and all beneficiaries feel safe.

Safeguarding is an ongoing process and is something we regularly review and discuss with our partner agencies. If at any time we feel there is cause for concern we would suspend working with the agency until due diligence and scrutiny has been undertaken with a satisfactory outcome.

Philippa Carrick
Chief Executive Officer

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