Report from India

Notice board at Pallavanjali

Tibet Relief Fund CEO Philippa Carick is this week, visiting Empowering the Vision Project in India. Tibet Relief Fund have been the core funder of Empowering the Vision since it’s inception in 2007 and we remain as passionate about the project today as we were then.

Phillippa sent us over some photographs along with an update:

On Tuesday 10 September we visited two initiatives of EVP … one was an exposure visit by Tibetan children from Classes 4 and 5 (aged between nine and ten) from the Tibetan school in Majna Ka Tilla to Vasant Valley School, which is a private school for Indian and other students. This was both part of our school outreach programme and on the “Building Bridges” programme that is building better understanding and connections between the Tibetan and Indian communities.

It was great to see the children getting on together … we joined a tour of the campus that the Vasant Valley children were conducting (with a bit of help from the teachers at times!) The favourite room was the one for younger kids that had all sorts of play materials. Below is a pic of children in a pirate boat!

kids at Vasant Valley

We will keep you updated on Philippa’s visit as and when we hear from her!

Stay informed!

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