Shalu Monastery update – kitting out rooms for 43 young monks

Thanks to your donations we were able to send a grant to provide tables and cupboards for 43 young monks at Shalu monastery, Himachal Pradesh. This monastery is one of the oldest of Tibet, originally being located in Tibet before being destroyed during the cultural revolution by the “People’s Liberation Army”.

The monastery at Poanta is the exile seat and centre for the revival, restoration, preservation, and protection of the Bhulug Lineage tradition of Tibetan Buddhism.

We extended a grant to provide tables and cupboards for 43 monks in their rooms. Now the little monks are happy to get their study tables and being able to store their clothes and holy objects in their new handmade wooden cupboards/altars.

The 43 monks are following rigorous spiritual training and monastic education under the guidance and mentorship of four senior monks who escaped to India from the original Shalu Monastery in Tibet. In addition to Buddhist dialectics, philosophy, and Tibetan language the monks also learn English, Hindi, and Mathematics.

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