Six actions you can take to support Tibet …

You can put up Tibetan prayer flags (Windhorses) in your windows, in your garden, on pushchairs, bikes, in cars or wherever they will catch attention! This will help you to keep Tibet’s culture alive and also send prayers of goodwill round the world on the winds.

You can buy prayer flags from www.enlightenedgifts.org/prayerflags

You can sign up to our eNewsletter; this is a great way for you to keep up to date on our plans for our 60th anniversary year, learn more about Tibet and check if you can take part in anything that comes your way.

When you shop at our online shop, www.enlightenedgifts.org; you will be directly supporting Tibetan artisans, small community initiatives and Tibetan businesses. You will also be helping to preserve and develop traditional Tibetan skills and crafts.

You can find peace of mind by taking part in our annual Meditate4Tibet event on Saturday 6 July, the Dalai Lama’s 84th birthday; now in its fourth year, this annual mass meditation helps you to not only motivate Tibetans in Tibet by reminding them they are not forgotten, but gives you the opportunity to support Tibetan culture as meditation is integral to Tibetan Buddhism. Register your interest either by contacting Caroline ([email protected]; phone 020 3119 0041) or online at:


You can sponsor a child’s education, an elder in the evening of their life or a Tibetan Buddhist nun or monk to enable them to continue to practice their religion. Your support through our sponsorship scheme will give brighter futures and bring comfort and security. To learn more, call Terri on 020 3119 0041, email [email protected] or visit:


You can donate to Tibet Relief Fund’s 60th birthday appeal; this is a special appeal for our 60th birthday! It will help us to expand the scope of our work and address the new challenges facing Tibetans after 60 years.

if you have a special birthday or anniversary, you can set up your own birthday appeal on Facebook or JustGiving!



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