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Tashi-Tsomo-writingMeet Tashi Tsomo, she is from the remote village of Tuting in Arunachal Pradesh, an incredibly poor area. Its inhabitants rely on agriculture for income and due to the monsoon-prone climate, income is unstable. Tashi’s family love her very much, but are unable to support her education.

Thanks to a sponsor – like you – Tashi is studying and boarding at the Sambhota Tibetan school near Dharamsala where she benefits from a modern education and learns Tibetan culture. She loves to read story books and play with her friends and now she can continue her education alongside her friends.

Read how a sponsored child was able to realise his dream.

Meeting our sponsored children was an extraordinarily rewarding experience

Sponsorship FAQ
You can help a Tibetan like Tashi
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Sponsorship continues to be at the core of our work, supporting Tibetan refugees from Chinese occupied Tibet. Our programme has expanded over the years and now helps children from poor and remote Tibetan settlements in India and Nepal whose families cannot afford to educate them, as well as Tibetan monks and nuns for whom our sponsorship not only allows them to learn and practise their Buddhist culture, but also provides them with often their only opportunity to receive a basic education. In 2006 we extended our programme to include elderly Tibetans in need; in these cases sponsorship covers residential care, food and medical costs.
*Use Gift Aid and you can make your donation worth more!
We can claim Gift Aid on your donations, sponsorship and Goodwill Gifts. If you are a UK resident and pay Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax, your donations can be worth at least 25% more to Tibet Relief Fund at no extra cost to you. We can reclaim tax on all future donations and those made in the last 4 years, until you notify us otherwise. It doesn’t matter what rate of tax you pay, as long as the amount is at least equal to the tax Tibet Relief Fund and any other charities or CASC’s you support will reclaim on your donation for that tax year (Council tax and VAT do not count). This will not affect your tax status at the end of the year.

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