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Many Tibetan elders have harrowing tales of fleeing Tibet and fighting for the Tibetan Guerrilla force. Sponsorship ensures that as they grow older, they can enjoy their final years in dignity, as they deserve.


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Many elderly Tibetans have no way of earning an income as they are no longer physically able to work and don’t have family members with an income to support them. They are often left alone and destitute. By sponsoring a Tibetan elder you provide medical care, a safe and pleasant place to live with other Tibetan elders, and most importantly of all, their peace of mind.  


What happens next?

Once you sign up to become a sponsor, within two weeks you’ll receive the story of your sponsored Tibetan elder in the post, including their latest photo and our sponsorship booklets too. You can then expect to receive your very first letter within the next month or so – post permitting!

Each year you will receive a letter and a Christmas card, and you can usually expect an updated photo too! You can write to your sponsor elder by sending your letters and photos to our office. We’ll then send them out for you in one of our big mailings to all of our sponsored elders. Please bear in mind, that most Tibetan elders do not speak English, so you will receive letters written on their behalf. Through exchanging letters you can learn more about their life and how your support makes a difference to them each day.

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