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Our sponsored nuns live and study at Jamyang Choling Nunnery; an entirely female led education project which promotes the spiritual and intellectual potential of Buddhist women. The nunnery was founded to provide alternative and positive opportunities for young women across the Himalayan regions, who are often faced with the choice of marriage or tough labouring work for a minimal wage.


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Sponsoring means the provision of education, food, accommodation and healthcare to a young woman. Perhaps most special of all, all of the nuns have the opportunity to begin the highest programme of study (equivalent to a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy) – the first of its kind to be offered to women!  


What happens next?

Once you sign up to become a sponsor, within two weeks you’ll receive the story of your sponsored nun in the post, including their latest photo and our sponsorship booklets too. You can then expect to receive your very first letter within the next month or so – post permitting!

Each year you will receive a letter and a Christmas card, and you can usually expect an updated photo or progess report too! You can write to your sponsor nun by sending your letters and photos to our office. We’ll then send them out for you in one of our big mailings to all of our sponsored nuns. Through exchanging letters you can follow your sponsored nun’s journey, learning how you are making a difference to their lives every step of the way!

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