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sponsor-a-tibetan Be a part of our sponsorship programme and provide life-changing education, training and care to Tibetans in exile. With your help, Tibetans are on the path towards becoming empowered, positive people, who provide hope for the future of a free Tibet. How it all began… Our sponsorship programme first began supporting just a handful of children in the 1960’s. Over the years the programme has grown to provide a helping hand for hundreds of needy Tibetans, young and old, living in exile. With the help of sponsors like you, children, elders, Buddhist monks and nuns alike, are all receiving vital, transformative access to education, training and care. How does your sponsorship make a difference? Once you sign up to become a sponsor, within two weeks you’ll get a full case history of your sponsored child, monk, nun or elder, including their latest photo. So you can begin to get to know them straight away! Each year you receive a letter and a Christmas card, and you can usually expect an updated photo or school report too! You can write to your sponsor child, monk nun or elder, by sending your letters and photos to our office. We then send them all out for you! Through exchanging letters you can follow your sponsored child, monk or nun’s progress as they grow, learning how you are making a difference to their lives every step of the way! Start your sponsorship journey today

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