Summer Appeal: Help disabled Tibetan children finish school

Norzom’s story

Norzom is a bright and playful eight-year-old girl with diplegic cerebral palsy, which means she can’t walk very easily. She lives with her mother Tsultrim, who is single and takes care of Norzom on her own. They don’t have much money and Norzom’s mum is saving for corrective surgery.

Norzom is enrolled at her local preschool in Dharamsala, but it is really difficult for her to attend because of the hilly area, inaccessible school building and lack of disabled-friendly teaching aids. The teachers aren’t sure how to include her properly, and she is already struggling to keep up in class.

Can you help children like Norzom get the education they deserve?

With the right help, many Tibetan children with special needs could attend a mainstream school.

With early intervention measures, many could also avoid developing further problems as a result of their disability.

Together, these actions give each child the best possible chance in life.

Tibetan adults with disabilities are often uneducated and illiterate because it was so difficult for them to go to school. This leaves them unable to support themselves, contribute to their households or fully participate in their communities.

Many resort to staying at home, which only reinforces the stigma already attached to people with disabilities in Tibetan communities in India.

We’re raising money to target four Tibetan settlements in and around Dharamsala, northern India, where research last year identified 88 children with special needs who aren’t currently going to school. Their future is in your hands.

Your donation today can help us train teachers, buy special resources for schools and fund physiotherapy for these children.

We want to promote an inclusive attitude in their local schools and challenge the stigma around disability. Can you help make this happen?

£16 could buy a tactile learning board for a school in need
£33 could train two teachers on inclusive education
£65 could fund a physiotherapy ball for the disability resource centre
£150 could pay for a physiotherapist to visit a young child at home to help them learn basic skills
£500 could pay for all of the disability teaching aids needed by five schools


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