Tibet Matters Annual Review: Incredible sisters providing Help on Hand to hundreds of sick Tibetans

Grant Amount: £1,800

A project we have been proud to support since 2007, Help on Hand continues to transform lives. Tsering Dolkar and Lhakpa Dolma help sick Tibetans to get the healthcare, treatment and advice they need. Throughout 2016, Help on Hand have gone from strength to strength helping around 300 people to get better.

Tsering Dolkar and Lhakpa Dolma with a patient. Below: Tenzin Thinley after his treatment

Tenzin Thinley, aged 22, came to Help on Hand so unwell that he couldn’t stand or walk properly and was unable to open his mouth more than a couple of centimetres.

Tsering Dolkar explained…

“When he first came to Chandigarh he was walking like a 100-year-old man bending his upper body right over.”

Thanks to Help on Hand, Tenzin’s illness was diagnosed – psoriatic arthritis – and he quickly got the operation he needed. Going forward he needs injections every three months but is expected to be able to lead a normal life once again!

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