Tibet Matters Annual Review: Crèche & Community

Grant Amount: £431

The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives is home to countless manuscripts, artefacts, teachings and recordings. It is a unique resource for preserving Tibetan culture and Buddhism.

Many of the Tibetans who work there have young children and the library provides a small crèche for children under three so parents can work to support their families without worrying about childcare!

Unfortunately, the rooms of the crèche are particularly badly effected by the Indian monsoons and are becoming damp and mouldy, making some of the children unwell. We have sent a grant so the crèche could buy a humidifier to keep the air dry, the building in tip-top condition and, most importantly, the children safe and well!

We have also given a small grant to the Audio Visual department to buy a backup storage machine to help keep safe tens of thousands of hours of precious recordings.

Photo: Children at the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives crèche

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