Urgent appeal for Phuntsokling settlement following Cyclone Phailin

When Cyclone Phailin hit late last year, the people of the Tibetan settlement of Phuntsokling were left with nothing.

We need your help so they can rebuild their lives.

Hitting the Indian state of Odisha, with wind speeds of up to 150mph, this shattering storm destroyed almost everything in its path.

Tibetans living in Phuntsokling rely on agriculture; it is their only source of income.

The cyclone hit just as the crops were ready to be harvested and as the storm ripped through the settlement it destroyed all of the standing crop, fruit trees, dwelling houses and cattle sheds.

We need your help to relieve the farmers so they can rebuild their lives.

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Your generosity today can help bring joy to the lives of refugee Tibetan children. Your donation will be used where it is needed most and enable us to support this and other urgent projects that bring sustainable and practical help to Tibetans in India, Nepal and Tibet.

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