Cinematography Club

Location Tibetan Homes Foundation, Mussoorie, India
Type Education
Amount £800

Background and project
Tibetan Homes Foundation have introduced a Cinematography Club at their school in Mussoorie as part of their new Activities Programme.

The weekly club is a wonderful idea as istudents get the chance to learn new skills and have fun at the same time. The practical photography and videography skills they learn at the club will be good for those students wanting careers in design, arts or media.

Within the first week, a huge 198 students had joined the class!

This grant covered the cost of two teachers and one senior student to attend a three day film making and photography class. The teachers will lead the Cinematography and all three will share their new training and knowledge with the club members.

The grant also paid for a DSLR camera for the photography club so the students can put in the practice what they are learning and experiment with photography in their free time.

Since the club started in July, the students have done a fantastic job and have already made a full length film, regular news updates on the school, and coverage of important school events. Of you would like to watch these wonderful videos, you can find them at here.

Stay informed!

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