Clear Vision

Location Bir, India
Type Health
Amount £700

Background and project
Many people in the Tibetan community suffer from poor eye sight and related problems. This is partly due to lack of regular check-ups and people not getting the glasses they need.

Our project partners, Lha, have been working since 2009 to rectify this problem by offering free eye tests and prescription glasses to the local Tibetan community.

This grant of £700 enabled them to run the project at Dolma Ling and Shugsip Nunneries and Ningma Monastery – all in Bir.

A total of 142 monks and nuns received free eye-tests as well as basic medical and dental checks… with almost half needed new glasses.

Thankfully, £700 goes a long way towards buying glasses in India and through this grant, a whopping 62 people were given brand new prescription glasses. Fantastic!

New glasses for all!

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