Comfortable furniture for the elderly

Location Old People’s Home, Rajpur, India
Type Community
Amount £2,406

Background and location
The old people’s home in Dehra Dun is run by Tibetan Homes Foundation and is home to 51 elderly Tibetans. Each of the elders has their own bedroom and they are well looked after by a small staff of carers, a cook and a supervisor.

Daily routine at the home sees the elders gathering together in the common room to share stories, say prayers and keep as active as possible. For those who want to go out and about, the home organises trips out to the surrounding areas, monasteries and shopping!

“I feel so privileged. The sofa makes me feel like belonging to a royal lineage. Thank you so much. I will always remember the blessings in our prayers.”
– Granny Sangyal Chodon

The home was built many years ago and, due to lack of funds, has seen few improvements since. When the elders gather for their daily chats and prayer sessions, they have been sitting in an uninspiring room on hard wooden benches… not ideal for those who already suffer health and back issues!

This grant allowed Tibetan Homes Foundation to revamp the furniture in the common room and make it a comfy, welcoming space for the elders to enjoy. They also managed to buy a new TV so the residents can enjoy watching the Dalai Lama’s teachings and documentaries about Tibet.

We’re really pleased with the way the room has turned out and the folks at the home are very happy with their new space!

“Attending His Holiness teachings were not possible for me now. I can’t travel with my down health. But, I am very happy that now, I can watch His Holiness teaching in our television and documentaries on our country also.” – Elder Thupten Loedup

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