School Power

Location Tibetan Homes Foundation , Mussoorie, India
Type Education
Amount £5,054

Tibetan Homes Foundation school in Mussoorie experience power cuts for hours every day.

When there are power cuts in the children’s home they cannot move around safely, do their homework or have cooked meals. During winter months no power also means no heating.

Some of the homes at the school are surrounded by lush forests. When there is no power there is no light and staff and students have seen wild animals prowling around the homes – including a mountain lion!

We have given a grant to provide backup power supplies for 16 family homes, the senior girls’ hostel and the vocational training centre…and the benefit is already clear.

Before the backup power was installed only 37% of students felt safe after dark…now 100% say they feel safe after dark even when there has been a power cut. A fantastic improvement!

“I fell down during the night when there is no light and got hospitalised for more than a couple of days” – Jampa Lhadon

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