Clean water for Nangchen elders

Location Kathmandu, Nepal
Type Health & elderly
Amount £660

Background and project
Nangchen is a Home for the Elderly in Kathmandu since 1998. It was set up to offer a home for elderly and ill Tibetans from the Nangchen region of Tibet.

The home is only small and these days there are only eleven elderly people living there. However, it is important for them to be able to live in a place where they can be looked after and still be with their families and friends.

For years, the home has been drawing their drinking water from underground and has not been able to afford a filter so clean it. The residents at the home have had to drink only brown, dirty water and they often get ill.

Tibet Relief Fund supporter Susan Cran very generously donated £500 towards the cost of installing a filter to provide clean, safe drinking water. A little top up from Tibet Relief Fund and he filter is now in place and working well!

The residents are all very happy to not have to worry anymore about getting sick every time they drink.

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